What is a Capital City? Does it Matter?

The capital city of Queensland Australia is Brisbane, but the Capital city of Australia in Canberra.  The capital of the USA is Washington but the capital of Texas is debatably Austin.  Does this matter to travelers?  Do you need to know the names of capital cities of various countries, and the difference between the capital of the state and the country?

A capital city or capital town enjoys primary status in a state, or country, and it will most likely be the place of government in that country.  It is typically a city that is most likely to be populated by the offices and meeting places of government.

The word capital derives from the Latin caput meaning “head”.

It is here in the head city, that travellers are most likely to easily locate the Australian embassy, because capital cities are the “administrative centres”.

A permanent diplomatic mission is typically known as an embassy, and the person in charge of the mission is known as an ambassador. The term “embassy” refers to the building or compound housing an ambassador’s offices and staff.   It also refers to a treasured idea, protection for Australians abroad.

Australian Flag

It is not until you go overseas that you realise how important flags are!  If you want to get to the Australian embassy and you are in the capital city of a country, once near the location of the embassy, you will be able to see the Australian Flag.  What a welcome sight! It is at the embassy that travellers often get help, when something goes wrong.  Lost passports, stolen goods, trouble afoot!    If you are in another country and can’t speak the language, and there is something wrong, someone at the embassy will at least be able to help you speak, talk things through and think of a plan.   They will help you contact the folks back home.

It is worthwhile researching the history behind the establishment of embassy, the designing of flags and the like because these symbols play a much bigger role in our lives than we are often aware.

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