Walking in the Footsteps of Others

Some educational group tours are designed so that students walk in the footsteps of pioneers, who have gone out into the world to discover its immense array of wonder.

Without pioneers there would have been no settlement, cultures would never have intermingled and our modern lives would not be such a rich tapestry. Schools often design student tours to retrace the steps of patrons or religious icons. By doing this they enrich the teaching of students who follow in their tradition.

Pilgrimages are one example of group tours organised to follow a well-worn and traditional pathway. Pilgrims learn about the travellers of forebears who have beaten the track to a particular destination.

Sweat of the Sun/Tears of the Moon provides an example of an Australian story around which a tour could be organised.

Famous screenwriter Jack Pizzey created a documentary that shows fascinating aspects of the Peruvian countryside and culture. Most guided tours won’t take you into land quite as wild and treacherous as described on Pizzey’s venture.

From frozen peaks to palm tree coast

from lush jungle to seared desert. 

Documentaries like Sweat of the Sun/Tears of the Moon create atmosphere and a deep understanding about the history behind the tour, so that when students are walking the trails they can imagine what the territory would have been like in days gone by. Articles like Walking in Inca Footsteps in Peru’s Sacred Valley also provide broad, sweeping and intriguing information that will be invaluable when tour organizers seek to make the trip memorable and worthwhile.

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Tour groups will immediately recognize how important it is for travellers to maintain a journal and a photographic record of the trek. Perhaps one day others will walk the same beaten path using their carefully journaled memories as a guide. The best kind of journal to carry is an A5 spiraled sided Visual Art Diary. These are tough hardbound blank books that have sturdy cartridge paper upon which students can paste pictures, draw with a variety of media and write to their hearts content.

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