Turkey Introduction | Educational Tours Abroad: Greece & Turkey

Last holiday, while you were all off trekking through the woods on camps or gaining some worldly knowledge on work experience, sixteen year eleven, now year twelve, girls travelled to the amazing cities of Turkey, home to ancient wonders and a melting pot of new and old culture. Istanbul, the old Constantinople, a huge metropolis blending cultures, continents and religions and home to twelve million people was the first city we arrived at after a sixteen hour transfer flight.

After Istanbul, making our way down to the south through ancient sites and magnificent places brought to life before our eyes we had seen only in textbooks and on our laptops, we learned and saw and experienced Turkey at its fullest. The adventure we had over those sixteen days, which we’ll be showing you today in this speech and in the video we made afterwards, was indescribable. Here, Mr Prior would like us to remind you that it was, first and foremost, categorically and absolutely essential that you all understand it was an educational trip – and it really was.

Seeing is believing and none of us really fully saw the impact of ancient Roman and Greek culture on its Cities until standing right in front of them and hearing facts about them we hadn’t bothered to listen to in class. With the help of our hilarious, entertaining and utterly endearing tour guide Arda, we learned more than we ever had in a Kambala classroom and look forward to using this information in the HSC. That’s not to say, of course, we weren’t busy having the time of our lives shopping, exploring, eating and laughing because it was all of that and more.

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