Tipping While Traveling – Group Travel Advice

Don’t Forget to Plan for Tipping while traveling!

Australians are probably the least comfortable people in the world when it comes to tipping, both in their own country and when travelling alone or on group tour. Other countries such as America think of tipping as part of the fabric of life! This is especially true for their waitresses and waiters who earn their meagre living by this method. Other than for tipping the profession is usually paid only about $10 an hour!

Other countries such as Argentina associate reward and punishment with the custom of tipping, if you don’t tip them, some can think you are making a comment about the service.  And yet other cultures such as the Japanese feel as though it is an insult when you offer them more money than you should.

Plan Well Ahead – And Carrying Your Weapon!

The idea is to remember that this habit of ‘tipping’ is for many countries imbued with custom, and that the message others receive may be very distant from the message you intended to convey.

So how do you know what to do when moving from country to country? For some travellers on an organised group travel venture it is easy! Ask the tour organisers and they will ensure that you know which custom observe and where.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about what you are going to tip! The last thing you want to do is bumble about, or appear flustered and insulting. So, carry small amounts of money on you, in a place where you can get to it easily.

When In Rome! (Copy)

Tipping Sculpture

If for example you are walking along Las Rambla and want to tip the living sculptures, you will need to have access to loose change. The warnings are out that pickpockets abound, and so to be safe, keep the bulk of your money tucked away safely and loose change in your pocket. Have fun ‘spreading the love’ and appreciate those who serve you.

Make good use of websites such as Pocket Cultures by reading about various customs well ahead of your tour.

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