Tipping While Traveling – Group Travel Advice

Don’t Forget to Plan for Tipping while traveling! Australians are probably the least comfortable people in the world when it comes to tipping, both in their own country and when travelling alone or … [Read more...]

Taking a Pilgrim Staff on Group Travel

When un-experienced groups go on tour they can often find it hard to stay together in a large crowd (of course, if you organise your tour with Educational Tours Abroad you will never be stranded). … [Read more...]

Buying Art When Traveling

Group tours are designed to take people to galleries and similar spaces where travelers are sure to see beautiful things they love. While it might not be a good time to spend all of your money, … [Read more...]

Art Appreciation While on School Group Tour: Setting Up The Context

Sometimes it is hard to find a way to enthuse students about going to yet another gallery on tour. Maybe they have seen about as many museums as they can stand. One sure way to put a bit of zest back … [Read more...]

Live Statues and Street Art – Tip Them Well

One of the most loved street attractions all over the world is Live Sculptures.  These attractions are artistic statements made by artists who use their bodies to create freeze frames.  They stand … [Read more...]

A “Must See” for Group Tour in France

Museé National Marc Chagall If you go to France on group tour be sure to visit the Museé National Marc Chagall (Alpes-Maritimes).   The museum dedicated to the work of Marc Chagall is one of the most … [Read more...]