Safety Tips for an Educational Tour Abroad

An educational tour abroad is the experience of a lifetime, and in all likelihood will be completely hassle free. However, it’s important to take some simple precautions to reduce the risk of issues … [Read more...]

20 Years Of Experience

Planning and leading an Educational Tours Abroad tour is easy because our team of dedicated experts assists every step of the way – from choosing the best tour, to planning every detail of your trip, … [Read more...]

Top 5 Destinations for Educational Tours to Italy

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Top 5 Educational Tour Destinations in India

Being a melting pot of different rulers, empires, and religions, India is a country that’s truly steeped in history, making it a great destination for educational tours. In fact, it has so many … [Read more...]

ANZAC day 2015: The Centenary

We are Offering a unique opportunity to be present in Gallipoli for the centenary of ANZAC day commemorations in 2015. The pilgrimage to Gallipoli for ANZAC day is unforgettable; a once in a lifetime … [Read more...]

Travelling in Greece

Greece – Home of the magnificent Greek Civilization, which also boasts a wealth of Roman, Byzantine and Medieval cultures. The Acropolis, The Parthenon, The Meteora, Asklepieion, Corinth, Olympia, … [Read more...]