School Tours, Budgeting and Making Money Fun!

Make budgeting for a school tour an exciting aspect of the planning, so the topic of money is not surrounded with confusion or anxiety. When you organise your tour with Educational Tours Abroad, we will ensure you have everything you need so you’re certain none of the members of your group will be caught in an unfavourable situation. Students don’t want to run out of money on the road. Ringing home for mum or dad for a “bail-out” is definitely not cool.

Students are advised to make hard decisions about what they can afford before leaving the country.

We’re all different! At first travellers think they want souvenirs. When hard choices come they may prefer instead to indulge in nights out and luxurious meals at scenic spots.

It is nice to think we can afford optional activities, but maybe students don’t even have the energy to experience it all.

Group Travel and Budgeting

Where to Start When Dealing with Money

The most obvious place to start when planning and budgeting a trip is with the itinerary. Go through the list of places you will be staying and read about the activities at each one. There may be a list of expenses that will be handy when reckoning an approximate budget.

Remember what students want to do may change when they are actually at the venue, so plan for extras at every step of the journey. There will be an approximate guide to minimum daily spend for each region.

Additionally, make sure there is a list of the approximate cost of the optional activities available on the school tour.

Group Travel Tips

Once students know how much they will need, set a savings target. Make large posters of a savings amount and have students put them somewhere so that they will see them everyday. On the mirror, the fridge or taped to a window. Even on the dashboard of the car, or as the screen saver on their laptop.

Budgeting ahead with a savings plan and a target ensures that not only will working out the money side of your group tour be fun, and students will most surely value money when they are away. Keep records of spending and talk with locals, they may be able to suggest ways for you to save even more!