Pulling Together as a Group When Travelling

When going away as a team for a lengthy experience of group travel it is a good look to “have a good look”. Teachers often wonder about ideas to help their students bond while on an educational tour.

Here are some of the ways that you can bring you group together so that they look, sound and feel like a bonded pack o’pilgrims.

Have bags branded with a logo that the group has designed. Once you have a consensus of the design people like best, reduce and refine this image until it consists of bare line work. Use a program such as Adobe Photoshop to “fill” areas of block colour, and send the example to the accessories company. Ask them to send you the vector image they use to place the logo on your goods. This image can also be used for a variety of other purposes. Brand the group water bottles, pens, coffee mugs leaving a space where each member can clearly write his or her name with an indelible marker.

Don’t forget that once you have the vector graphic, you can use this for the purposes of embroidery as well, so send off the image when having T-Shirts and caps created.

But – don’t stop there! Why not create your own personal group tour song?

Group Tour Bonding Ideas

Singing on to Our Sanity!

Simply choose a favourite song and listen intently to the beat. Create a beat that has been inspired by, but is not the same as that song. Have a group competition to write words for the song. Now reduce the words until you can fit them to the beat. Once you have a pretty god version of a song that members will sing, send a copy by digital file to an artist on Elance and have the work professionally polished. This won’t cost much, and it will certainly lift the mood of the group as they tour. If you choose to have the song professionally recorded in the same manner, burn the picture of the members decked out in their group outfits and burn this picture to a CD with “their song” burned onto it. Great memento!