Istanbul | Educational Tours Abroad: Greece & Turkey

Including such features as an assassin proof emperor cage, and ninja tunnels, the temple of Saint Sophia was a remarkable display of what the human race can accomplish. Built in just 5 years, it stood as a symbol of civilization and God’s beauty… until occupation from an opposing army led the walls covered with gold-plated murals, to be white washed, and all the marvelous statues to be covered.

However, as distressing as that is, it meant that the Turkish government’s recent restorations made us some of the first people to see the walls in all their glory after a half a dozen centuries. And after that we headed to the royal palace of Topkapi, where we were lucky enough to catch the end of the harem exhibition, leading to a number of jokes about the guy/girl ratio of our group. In all seriousness though, the exhibition expelled many myths about the nature of women’s treatment in harems and we were in fact quite pleased to know that princesses could file for divorce while their husbands could not.

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