Live Statues and Street Art – Tip Them Well

One of the most loved street attractions all over the world is Live Sculptures.  These attractions are artistic statements made by artists who use their bodies to create freeze frames.  They stand very still so that they look like real sculptures. Sometimes they are entirely painted to look like the texture of a metal or sculptural material, so that at first viewers really think they are sculptures.

human_sculptureIn most places these artists are not paid directly but live on the tips that people throw into a container placed conspicuously for that purpose.  In other words they have a good reason and incentive to script their performances that are fun and engaging so people are enticed to throw them money.

Live Statues of Las Rambla

One of the most well known streets of Barcelona is Las Rambla. The road stretches out, offering over a kilometre of fun and frivolity.  The pedestrian zone connects Plaça Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell, pictured below.  The central transport hub of Barcelona is busy in tourist season.   La Rambla becomes a crowded hustling, bustling centre of fun and frivolity acting as a major tourist attraction of the city.


Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Here the street performers pose as ‘human statues’ in as many imaginative ways as they can think up.  They pose as celebrities, mythological beings and colourful characters of all sorts, types, shapes and sizes.

They all have props of some kind and attempt to engage the passing audience by waving and suddenly performing a small impromptu act to attract tips.

Tipping the Live Street Performers

There are street performers like the ones of Les Rambla all over the world.  Remember that the tips they earn are what pay for the show!  Rarely are they paid by business or government agencies. It is thoughtful to carry small amounts of loose change with you so that you can generously tip these performers.  This act ensures that there will always be attractions of the kind available when people travel.  It is nice to acknowledge a job well done.

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