Foreign Currency and Fair Exchange

When arranging for a group to travel overseas, make sure participants remember to buy foreign currency while still in their home country. It is more expensive to buy money at airports when travelling than it is to purchase in countries along the way.

This is because there is an added charge for fees and commission on foreign cash purchases, and also the rates fluctuate. If this is a school tour, it is a great time to teach classes to watch these fluctuations so that they begin to understand and become aware of the exchange rate, both when travelling and when working online for other clients in overseas countries.

If your group travel is being arranged for you, obtain a quote for the money exchanges in all of the countries on your itinerary, so that the class can learn about the attributes of the International money scene. They will gain an understanding of the nature of the system by comparing the fluctuations that affect the money rate of exchange over night.

Foreign Exchange

The Convenience of Bank Transfers

Students need to become aware that there are different ways to take money with them overseas. They also need to think about, and pre-arrange, the potential to receive more money when they are on tour. International money transfer service or bank transfer is a fast, secure method that provides solid conversions rates.

If students are strapped for cash, they can have money sent to any major country within a 2 working day timeframe. Usually they can attain good rates, and there will be little or no fees or charges on transactions above $2500. To do this the person sending the money will need valid Government issued such as a photo ID and the bank details of the student.

The Instantaneous Money Gram

These days there are convenient methods that make money transfer instant. For a cost, Instant cash transfers to major countries can be arranged to approximately 143,000 locations worldwide within the framework of a secure and integrated network. Don’t forget that students will also need to be aware of time differences when using this method.

When you’re booking your group tour with Educational Tours Abroad you won’t have to worry about any of this, we’ll advise you and take care of any inquiries you may have. We’re also here to help so if you have any questions on 02 9281 2741 or complete the form below!

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