Dance Exercise on School Group Tour

School group tour organizers can ensure that students have sufficient exercise, when they are cooped up on buses and airplanes for long amounts of time. This technique may not be appropriate for every school, but if it sounds like something your students would be interested in then it’s definitely worth a shot!

The trick is to learn a dance before embarking on a tour. Sound corny? Not so.

School Tour Tips

School students will welcome the opportunity to learn a dance such as Zumba, or make up a dance of their own. When ever you can and where ever you are, you will be able to squeeze in 20 minutes high aerobic exercise if a dance has been learned before you go.

Working exercise into the tour routine makes sense because it is fun, and it elevates mood… and it bonds!

Are you on destination to a strenuous adventure such as hiking or trekking the Kokoda Trail? Dancing regularly will ensure that students are ready for any challenge by improving strength and flexibility, and helping to keep muscles and joints healthy. Regular dance opportunities will reduce stress levels, simply because it s fun and because it gets the endorphins going.

The fun of regular dance routine makes it easier for students to take advantage of opportunities to encounter other cultures. Dancing with the locals offers insight into other cultures, and provides more opportunities to meet people.

By providing opportunities to master social skills in a safe ’dancing’ environment, tour organizers can boost student self-confidence and self esteem.

Group Tour Tips

Student Leadership on School Tours

How to get started? First you need to work out which tour members can already dance or lead aerobics. There will be some who can work together to choreograph a dance so that the group is already bonding before you leave. Have each of these leaders take responsibility for ensuring their “cluster” really enjoys the dance sessions.

Perform before you leave, at every pit stop and when you get home. By the time the tour is over everyone will be fit and healthy and they will know at least one dance really well. It will an act you have ready when talking about school tour on assembly or for reunions in years to come.

If you’re planning your tour with Educational Tours Abroad you won’t have to worry about these things. We’re experts organising group tours to fit your curriculum and have dealt with all sorts of students and teachers in the past. Dance exercise might not be right for every group, but groups who embrace it will never look back. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 9281 2741 or complete the form below. We’re here to help!

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