Pulling Together as a Group When Travelling

When going away as a team for a lengthy experience of group travel it is a good look to “have a good look”. Teachers often wonder about ideas to help their students bond while on an educational … [Read more...]

Why Do People Go on Pilgrimage?

Once every four years Catholic Youth go on Pilgrimage to World Youth Day. Thousands and thousands of young people gather to love, sing, worship, dance and pray.  Why do they? Has your school taken … [Read more...]

Dance Exercise on School Group Tour

School group tour organizers can ensure that students have sufficient exercise, when they are cooped up on buses and airplanes for long amounts of time. This technique may not be appropriate for every … [Read more...]

Art Appreciation While on School Group Tour: Setting Up The Context

Sometimes it is hard to find a way to enthuse students about going to yet another gallery on tour. Maybe they have seen about as many museums as they can stand. One sure way to put a bit of zest back … [Read more...]

What is a Capital City? Does it Matter?

The capital city of Queensland Australia is Brisbane, but the Capital city of Australia in Canberra.  The capital of the USA is Washington but the capital of Texas is debatably Austin.  Does this … [Read more...]

A “Must See” for Group Tour in France

Museé National Marc Chagall If you go to France on group tour be sure to visit the Museé National Marc Chagall (Alpes-Maritimes).   The museum dedicated to the work of Marc Chagall is one of the most … [Read more...]