Buying Art When Traveling

Group tours are designed to take people to galleries and similar spaces where travelers are sure to see beautiful things they love. While it might not be a good time to spend all of your money, sometimes you will fall in love with a piece of art and “just have to have it.

Buying art can be a very sentimental process.

Perhaps you have found a watercolour of a place you would love to live someday. To buy this painting would remind you not only of your travels, but that your dream is to return.

Packaging and Insuring Art

The trouble about buying art when traveling is that it presents immediate issues.  How will you find a way to bring the beautiful objet d’art home?

Art (Paintings, Prints and Sculptures) lose their value if they are damaged in transit. Also there is the issue of excess or awkward baggage to think about.

If you are an art lover, it might be wise to decide how to deal with the issue of shipping your treasure home before you leave your own country!  Tee it up with someone to be there when it arrives, and send the artwork ahead immediately upon purchase.

Options Available on Request!

Ask at the gallery, or souvenir place, whether they have a website. If so, order through that facility, and send it straight home via the website. All matters pertaining to packing and delivery will be included along with the insurance.

Buying Art While on Tour

If this is not possible, be careful that you know how you will arrange to send the work home before you buy. Ask the gallery assistant whether they have a preferred method of packaging, delivery and an insurance plan. This would be the safest method to ensure the art arrives home in pristine condition.

If you want to bring sculptures, paintings or glassware home on the plane – beware! You must think about packing it up on the day you buy it.

You may wish to think about how to take art safely with you while traveling, and on the plane or cruise home.

Don’t forget that many galleries also offer the service of payment plans – so ask about that option to ease up the strain on finances during the trip.

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