Art Appreciation While on School Group Tour: Setting Up The Context

Sometimes it is hard to find a way to enthuse students about going to yet another gallery on tour. Maybe they have seen about as many museums as they can stand. One sure way to put a bit of zest back into school group travel is to set assignments with clear goals and objectives and with prizes to boot!

This way of working requires quite a bit of preparation on the part of tour organisers. Students would need to be prepped before leaving on tour. This can be done as a fun set of quizzes that ascertain what kinds of art particular students like.

When engaged in a warm up activity, have students write down as many kinds of art forms as they can think of. Some will think of temples, the others of Buddhas some paintings and yet others might like sand art.

Art Appreciation for Group Tours

Assign each student to one particular art form. They are to play detective and track down as many examples of this art form as they can during the entire tour. The one that has made the best presentation by the end of the tour wins a prize. Think of the wealth of presentations your group will have created by the time you return home.

One of the best ways to develop an understanding of art is to sketch what you see and take notes into journals.

Appreciating Art for Educational Tours

However even if this is your approach have them record the chosen art form onto one isolated folder on their phone so that they can access it easily.

One-way to be sure this is all happening according to plan is to have a 5-minute check in each night at meeting time. Surprise the students by choosing at random and ask them to scroll through their set of images by plugging their phone into a projector. This should build in momentum as the tour progresses.

When you return home, set up the slide shows so that they scroll through in the library or in the Foyer of the school.

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